It’s Me All about me
Hello, it’s me. I want to introduce myself. My name is Muhammad Fajar Ramadhan. I live at buton dalam street number 13D, i live with my mom,my sist I was born at 12 October 2002 in Bandung.
5th years old I kindergarten at Al – Amanah, when first day elementary school I am so shy because I don’t know everyone sitting beside me, then I go to 2 junior high school I know a lot of people on than from elementary school. I continued my education  to 3 Senior High School.
 On kindergarten i do a lot of silly things with my friends, on Elementary school I participated in many activities, as well as rampak sekar competition, camping in scout park with my praunch teacher. But by the time i continued to2  junior high school i had never attended any activities at school, and thar's where i had a bitter memories. I continued my education to 3 senior high school in belitung street every day i go to scool with school bus or public transportation beacuse to reduce congestion, in h…